Happy New Year 2024!

Practice Yoga for an Efficient Brain

Yoga involves resisting the modification of the mind (thoughts). Is it truly possible to do so? Does it imply not thinking at all?

This means we should use our brain in the same way we use our body parts. When needed, we move; when not, we can keep them still. However, with the brain, we lack control. We want to sleep, but the mind keeps thinking—pondering why we can't sleep. It's just a matter of training. Our limbs were the same at birth; we couldn't move our bodies in a controlled manner. Through training and practice, we can now perform sophisticated tasks at will. The same can be achieved with the mind through continuous yoga and mindfulness practice.

Certainly, it's not easy with the many distractions in our lives, with mobile phones being the biggest culprit. Continually moving from one app to another and scrolling through reels consume a lot of mental energy, making concentration even more challenging. Minimising these distractions and being mindful of our actions can redirect our energy to essential areas in our lives, such as relationships, work, and well-being.

For those interested in joining a yoga community, the World Yoga Festival in the UK is a wonderful event to meet like-minded people and deepen your yoga knowledge. You can find me there teaching a few classes this year. 

Wishing you a wonderful year filled with happiness, health, and peace.